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The Darley family were closely connected with Thorne for many generations. The founder of the firm, W.M. Darley was born in 1837. He operated a small firm with a few pubs in and around Thorne. His son, C.W. Darley assumed control of the firm in 1892 on the death of his father, when the brewery was enlarged and improved. The brewery remained in the family until October 1978 when it was acquired by Vaux Breweries of Sunderland. Brewing continued until 1986 when the brewery was closed and production transferred to Wards Brewery in Sheffield, also part of the Vaux group.


During the last few weeks of the breweries life I was allowed virtually free reign of the premises in order to photograph this unique and superb 'old fashioned' brewery. Many thanks to Paul Simpson, Head Brewer for allowing this.

These pictures are just a sample of the many I have taken. They take the form of a virtual tour of the brewing process

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you have any queries, suggestions or further information.

The brewery from King Street.

Picture taken from North Eastern Road

Scan of leaflet produced showing the extent of the 'tied' estate in 1986.

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